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How to reinstall the App (Android)

It might happen that because of malfunctions in the Luscii app the app has to be reinstalled to get the latest, adjusted version of the app. This often solves the issue.


Go to the screen on your phone where you see the Luscii icon.
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Press the icon of the Luscii app and hold it for a moment until it gives the option to delete the app. Then choose to delete the app.
After deleting the app you can reinstall it. To reinstall you go to your Play Store that you can recognise by the logo shown below.

google play store logo png | Google store, Coole apps, Google play

Then please click on this logo to open your Play Store app and search for the Luscii app by inserting 'Luscii' in the search bar. Then press search.

In the picture below you see which app to install.


The app will be reinstalled on your phone or tablet.