On which days does the hospital expect measurements from me?

Under the heading actions you will see under 'Today' which measurements you have to fill in. The hospital sets for you on which days you fill in the measurements. If you would like to make a change here, we advise you to contact the hospital.

On the days that the hospital has planned measurements for you, you will receive an email with the following title: your actions for today are ready. This e-mail contains the actions that you can fill in on this day, which correspond with the actions under the heading of 'today'.

Please try to carefully adhere to the agreements made with the healthcare provider regarding the submission of measurements. So if you only have to send in a measurement once a day, or only have to do measurements on Monday, for example, then it is best to stick to this.

You can receive a reminder by e-mail and as a 'push notification' on your phone when the measurements are ready for you. You will then see this under 'Today' in the app. You will also receive a reminder email and notification if you have not yet sent your measurements.

If you want to turn off the above notifications, you can read how to do that in this article.

If you are also going to make video calls with the hospital, it is useful if you know when your healthcare provider can try to call you. Please discuss this with your healthcare provider. You must remain logged in to be reachable by the hospital.