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Pairing your Omron blood pressure monitor (via Bluetooth)

It is possible to pair the blood pressure monitor via Bluetooth if you have an Omron HEM-9210T. 

Screenshot_2019-09-27_at_15.16.00 (1)

When you have an Omron blood pressure meter:

Turn on Bluetooth on your device and open the Luscii app. Go either on the page Today to the requested measurement or via the page Self-care and press start.

You will then be taken to the 'insert the batteries' screen. It is important that you see a flashing 'P' on the screen. If you do not see a 'P', you can remove 1 battery from the blood pressure monitor and press the start/stop button of the blood pressure monitor 3 times while the battery is removed. Then put the battery back in. When you see a flashing 'P' on the blood pressure monitor, press 'connect' on the App.

You will now be asked to enter a PIN code. The pin code can be found on the back of the blood pressure monitor. It says 'PIN: .....'. You can enter the 6 digits given here on the App. Then press continue, the blood pressure monitor is then connected.

Please note: you must connect the blood pressure monitor via bluetooth in the Home Measurement app and not via the bluetooth settings of your phone or via the Omron app.

For the iPhone or iPad you can see below how you can connect the Omron blood pressure meter:

IMG_3934IMG_2179 kopie

IMG_2180Untitled (3)Untitled (5)Untitled (4)

Untitled (6)

For the Android phone or tablet, you can see below how to connect the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor:
Screenshot_20220609-115411_LusciiScreenshot_20220609-115423_LusciiScreenshot_20220609-115601_LusciiUntitled (3)-1
Screenshot_20220609-115744_SettingsScreenshot_20220609-115756_SettingsUntitled (4)-1Screenshot_20220609-115822_Luscii